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Website up and running. Wiki started and Mailinglist ready to register

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First code in svn repository. Have Fun :)

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AWSOME stands for “Advanced War Strategies Online Multiplayer Edition” and is a open source clone of the “Advance Wars” series available for handhelds. It features the original game modes, a built-in map editor and a multiplayer mode via Internet and a 2D and 3D graphic mode.


-> original game modes (except campaign)

-> two graphic modes: 2D and 3D

-> built-in editor

-> multiplayer over internet

-> cross-platform and open source

-> CO powers supported

-> spin-offs of the original Advance Wars COs (to keep the feeling)

-> boobies!

-> saving/loading of multiplayer games supported

-> game logic scripting in PHP

System Requirements

-> Target OS: Linux, BSD, Windows, MacOS

-> OpenGL-enabled video card

-> Keyboard and/or Mouse and/or Gamepad