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Website up and running. Wiki started and Mailinglist ready to register

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First code in svn repository. Have Fun :)

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This (pre-) alpha requires: x11-devel, php5, libXxf86vm, irrlicht
Download the source with svn, "cd" into the directory and run "make".
Start the Game with "./awsome".

This project's Subversion repository can be checked out through SVN with the following instruction set:

svn co awsome

Warning: This is a generic Subversion checkout command which will pull all modules, tags and/or branches of the project. Please refer to project home page for specific SVN instructions; in most cases, you will want to add '/trunk' to the HTTPS URL above to check out only trunk (main development line). Information about accessing this Subversion repository may be found in our document titled "Subversion (Version Control for Source Code" Updates from within the module's directory do not need the URL string. NOTE: UNIX file and directory names are case sensitive.